What the heck is Caged Slug? Odd, right?


When I moved to Oregon for school, I registered my car there…mostly to avoid getting pulled over because of my California plates (it happened a few too many times). When I did so, I decided to get personalized plates because it was much cheaper than doing it in Calif. I decided to get my and my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) initials. CAJ and SLG. I thought it was a sweet thing to do…my friends thought it was weird that I’d put something that looked like “Cajun Slug” or “Caged Slug” as my license plate…

I found it endearing that it could stand for something odd and at the same time very cool. I have long since moved back to California and got new plates, but I held on to my old Oregon ones for nostalgia. Now every time I see that license plate, which is still hanging on a wall in our garage, I say in my mind Caged Slug…I can’t see anything different.

Who I am

I’m a follower of Christ. I’m a husband and father. I’m a graphic designer, videographer, editor, marketing and mass media geek, a guy who possess a huge heart for mission work, and I really like soda and ice cream. And coffee. And pizza. Basically the four basic food groups: Sugar, sugar, caffeine, carbs.

I have the fortunate pleasure of volunteering with teenagers. I get to be mentor, friend, confidant, father, partner-in-crime, and teacher all at the same time. Seeing them grow into mature followers of Christ is so awesome and the entire point.

Professionally, I have worked in the radio industry for 15 years. It’s a blast…and not really a “real job”. Ask anyone that works in radio, they love it…but they’ll do their best to talk you out of joining the radio ranks. Weird, yes? A variation of a Hunter S. Thompson quote accurately portrays the sentiment, “The radio business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”

I’m a fairly prolific thinker, but not a prolific writer. Hopefully that will change with time. I hope you find my ramblings slightly enjoyable. Keep with me, they’re bound to get better over time.

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