Black Sunday

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This past Black Friday, I had to drive to my work…that happens to be located near a mall. I was driving by at around 10:30am and the parking lot was absolutely filled. There was a line that streamed out of the parking lot and down the street in both directions, hundreds of cars carrying people anxious to get in and get their deal. To get that one thing someone can’t live without; a gift that will change their life for the better.

This made me think…I don’t remember seeing this type of spectacle at a church – no streams of cars lining the streets waiting for hours to get in or a parking lot overflowing well before the doors even opened.

What if the Church had something you couldn’t live without, or just had to have?

Wait, it does. Jesus Christ, Savior of the world.

There isn’t a problem with the product, it’s perfect.

He’s perfect.

There seems to be a marketing issue. The Church needs to do a better job of “selling” the message of Christ. I say “selling” (quotes intended) because I believe that we don’t actually live out Christ’s love in the way we should. Do our lives look any different from those that haven’t asked for and accepted the saving grace of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and his defeat of death through resurrection? More often than not, they don’t.

Take Apple for example. They have “brand evangelists,” those that sing the praises of Apple to anyone and everyone. (I’m totally an Apple person, so I’m not bashing them in any way or saying they’re wrong for taking this approach.)

If I’m a Christian, which I am, then I am automatically a brand evangelist – whether I intend to be or not. I live out the “product” in one way or another, therefore selling it.

Here is the challenge for me, and Christians as a whole, I believe: tell the world about the greatest thing I can ever get (for free) everyday, in my actions, words, behavior, and in everything I am. If we all do this and show the world that our lives are actually different as a result of Christ’s grace, then we can begin to see streams of people coming to see and hear how they can get it too. That will be something to see!

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