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I’m not a fan of the word discontent. Living in the United States, I have way more than I’ll ever need. I’m extremely blessed that I’m not really in need of any material object.

More often than not when we hear the word discontent, we hear ungrateful, unsatisfied, unhappy…I’m not using or viewing the word in this way.

I am discontent within my soul because I believe I am not doing everything to which God has called me.

Several years ago, God placed a burden on my heart for the people of Guatemala. And specifically the people that live in the slum known as La Limonada. This burden had a specific calling tied to it – to help get families out of the slum, to break the cycle of poverty, and to equip them spiritually, emotionally, and educationally. I know what I have to do and am excited to begin!

This is just my starting point. If you have happened to stumble across this, I ask for you to join me in prayer – even though I haven’t really explained anything yet – that God will be glorified and that the lives of the Guatemalan people will be transformed through the meeting of physical and spiritual needs.

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