Good. Fast. Cheap.

Choose Two

I work in a field where people have an expectation that they will get a project done good, fast, and cheap. The reality is that you really only get to choose two.

If you want it good and fast, it definitely won’t be cheap.

If you want it good and cheap, it certainly won’t be fast.

If you want it fast and cheap, don’t expect it to be good.

Knowing this in advance, helps alleviate headaches all around…as well as ridiculous expectations. This isn’t a license to go slowly just because. I believe that one should work diligently and efficiently. But some feel that it should take only a few minutes. “C’mon, that magazine ad is really simple, it should just take you a few minutes to crank it out.” Yeah, says someone that never designed anything in their life.

So, if you’re ever asking for the expertise of someone, remember the parameters in which your project will get done…and which you’re willing to give up – time, quality, or money – to get your project accomplished.

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