Good Idea, Bad Idea: The Creative Process

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I do not see the bad ideas as actually bad – they’re a catalyst for making things excellent. Every brainstorming meeting is guaranteed to generate at least 3 horrible ideas. Go with it. Expect it. Embrace it. Then tweak and combine them with the other good ideas to make that one killer idea that will propel you to your goal.

Put everything on the table. Give the necessary background information, goals & objectives (those are the same, yes?), then start listing. As you read above, there are definitely bad ideas. Write everything down. Let the process flow from person to person, build off each other and then when you’ve exhausted your minds, start evaluating all the ideas that were given.

What grabs you first?

What can you combine to make something exciting?

Finish with assignments, everyone should know what their jobs are and the next steps. Also, don’t negate the use of toys and physical stimulus to get the creative juices flowing. A bouncy ball, Rubik’s Cube, Slinky, Play-Doh, even doodling all help. Use them!

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