Is Media Literacy Important?

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We take pride in our family that we teach media literacy. The fact that our kids are growing up with the ability to discern and interpret all of the info that is coming before their eyes, is reassuring to say the least. Do they understand everything, of course not, they’re still kids. BUT, they have a huge jump on their peers in the fact that they’re reading between the lines and looking for the real message in whatever media they’re consuming.

Do our kids have an open tap, a fire hydrant of media flowing at them full force with no barrier or limiter? No. Duh, again, they’re still kids. One of our responsibilites as parents is to equip them to be productive members of society, which includes understanding what they’re putting in their brains.

Take a look at the poll results at the jump. Some may surprise you, while others shouldn’t.

If you can’t make a determination of truth about the content in your Twitter and Facebook feed, or if you can’t figure out which sources are trustworthy in a set of Google search results, then all that information is doing you a disservice

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