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I’m so blessed that I get to work with students! They keep me young and we get to have a ton of fun together. I really enjoy that I also get to speak into their lives, and have them speak into mine. If you’ve ever had a mentor in your life that loved you for who you are, was there to encourage you, held you accountable, laughed and cried alongside you, or who would just live life with you, then you understand why I love it.

These kids come from varying backgrounds and all have their own stories…and each one is worth hearing.

That being said…it’s also fun to go out and play with the students, and by play, I mean shoot them with paintballs. To quote Bill Cosby, “This is called fun.” Yes, it is. I came back welted front to back and side to side. I’m not even sure how I got some of them. I certainly don’t remember being hit that many times in all those places. Still, a very good time.

Now, before anyone gets on their high-horse and wrinkles their nose at shooting students with balls full of paint, this is a team-building, friendly competition activity. Sure, there’s trash talk, but it’s not personal. And when we leave the field, sore and tired, we’re laughing and reliving the moments for days to follow. I love it, the students love it, and we grow closer through it.

Photos courtesy of my friend Cindy Rau.

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