Slightly Less Discontent

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OK, so I stated before that I was discontent in the fact that I don’t believe I’m using my time on earth to the full purpose for which God has intended.

So, I’ve started.

Started what? I’m not really ready yet to fully disclose, mostly because I barely have any of my ducks collected, much less in a row…

The gist of my direction/calling/purpose is to help families in the slum of Guatemala rise out and change their lives.

Starting is not necessarily the hard part. Finishing is. And every step between the start and finish…that’s hard too. Pray that I rely on God to give me the determination to finish. I know there will be many MANY obstacles. Quite honestly, this whole thing doesn’t really make that much sense to me in the “is it going to succeed” realm. The ONLY way it will succeed is if God is in it and He does it.

Still discontent, but that’s a great thing. Now to set some meetings so I can collect those ducks!

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